Anonymous asked: Do you feel that wearing "dread locks" is closely tied to loving and appreciating the earth/land? If not why/why not? Also why do you choose to wear them?... Is there a cultural significance that hits close to home? I only ask because cultural appropriation is a topic now heavily covered in the "main stream/liberal?" media...

I don’t believe in cultural appropriation, I just don’t. I don’t see myself as different to any one of any colour, and I feel zero connection to anything that my ancestors did or didn’t do back in the day. I live in the here and now, the 21st century where people are free to practice whatever religions and beliefs that they like. I am not the slightest bit racist and I don’t think that the sharing of culture is ever linked to racism, it’s pretty much the opposite.

In terms of dreadlocks it’s just a hairstyle. I don’t think that having dreads makes me any more or any less spiritual, it just suggests to others that I’m probably a spiritual person - which is true but it’s not the reason I wear them. I think they look beautiful, and take less maintenance than undreaded hair does, so it works well for me. I have just spent time in nepal where all the holy men wear their hair in dreadlocks, for what reason I’m not sure. Some people believe they can channel spiritual energies through their hair, yet other spiritual people prefer to shave their heads. It makes no difference. It’s hair at the end of the day and everybody should be free to do what they want with the stuff that grows out of their head, without being judged by others.

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Anonymous asked: all i have to say is : dang, you're so cute. ignore these babies screaming over your freedom to your own body and go on rocking your dreads because it suits you so well. =) have a nice day

Thank you thank you thank you kind soul! :)

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